My parents have always been very big on dressing up their Boston Terriers in dog clothes, and I have to admit that on this point, I am hugely conflicted. On one hand, I think they look really cute and it does not seem to bother them one bit that they are wearing them. On the other hand, it is not natural for dogs to wear clothes, and I wonder sometimes, if they could voice their own opinions, what they would have to say on the matter.

It started out with my father buying his dog, Molly, a Boston Terrier, a University of Texas at Austin sweater that she could wear when it was cold outside. He had a whole web site he found that sold dog clothes, and after he bought the sweater, he realized that he would need something for the warmer weather months as well — so he bought a University of Texas t-shirt as well. I thought this was kind of cute, and the dog did not seem to mind it so much, so I did not really say anything about it.

Then, my sister got in on the act, went to the same online store that sold dog clothes and bought our other Boston Terrier, Patsy, a Texas A&M t shirt and sweater. I really just laughed at this because our family is kind of divided in terms of the college sports programs we support, and as I, too, am an A&M fan, I was kind of proud of my sister for what she did. I thought that would be the end of it and we would move on with our lives, but as I would soon find out, it was far from over.

My mother got in on the act, and as she is not a sports fan, she decided she would get dog clothes that she thought were cute, with little flowers on them and amusing slogans. Still, I would usually laugh whenever I saw them, but then it started to get a little old. I also used to feel sorry for the dogs when they would try to pull the clothes on because they did not always seem very happy about it. After all, dogs have their own natural clothes, in the form of fur.

When it reached a point where my mother and sister were buying scarves for the dogs, I realized that it has gone too far. I did not say anything about it, but I was not about to react positively whenever I saw a new “outfit” one of them had purchased for the dogs and I think they got the message … eventually. I guess my thing is, if they could speak for themselves and give their opinion, how many dogs would actually want to wear dog clothes? I don’t know the answer to this question, but it is something to think about.