The Dog Veterinary and Boarding Kennel Business

If you want to look for a recession-proof business to invest yourself in, you couldn’t do much worse than the pet business. People love their dogs as they do their children; there is practically nothing that’s too out of reach when it comes to their dogs, to most people. Lots of entrepreneurs involved in the dog business have discovered that no matter what they sell to help a dog owner coddle his pet with, it sells. And that really is in the literal sense – no matter how crazy the thing is that you sell, when it comes to the pet market, it really does find its audience.

What you do with your dog when you go on vacation is a problem that vexes millions of devoted pet owners everywhere. And the dog business certainly does try to step in and do what it can with pet motels, and pet sitters. But as entrepreneurs notice, sometimes, pet owners just want to take their pets with them. And when that happens, they have very few choices. They can go use the major airlines, but they won’t allow pets in the passenger cabin. In the cargo hold, pets are known to die of overexposure. And there are lots of kinds of and dogs that airlines just refuse to carry at all. That’s why dog transportation is a great dog business. Pet Airways began operations two years ago out of six major US cities. As you might guess, your pets get to travel in the main cabin, they have their own flight attendant, and are taken very good care of.

There are great dog business opportunities available to you when you try to cater to dog owners who lose their pets. Taxidermists do a roaring business in stuffing pets to look exactly as you would like them. This usually costs at least $500, and you get your pet back looking exactly as he always did when he was alive. Some people would like to cremate their dead dogs or to bury them – but to do this in style. For instance, if you want to get your dog cremated, there’s that whole lot there to do in the actual cremation process. But if you want, there is quite a lot you can do with the ashes. So some dog business entrepreneurs will for instance design custom urns for your pet that look just like him; and you can store those ashes in there. And when it comes to burying your pet like everyone else, you can really go to town with expensive and beautifully-made pet caskets.