Elevated Dog Feeder

I always like to predicate my posts by saying: “Ask your veterinarian first.” Your vet clinic should always know best.

I like to think of myself as a conscientious pet owner, which is why I always try to buy only the best products for my two dogs. I don’t mind paying extra money for quality, especially when the health of my pets is at stake. That’s why I buy all-natural premium chow, and that’s why I only use elevated dog feeders at mealtime.

Elevated dog feeders are essentially food and water bowl stands of varying heights that make it easier for your pooch to eat and drink. In addition, there’s usually less mess involved when using elevated dog feeders because pets can’t push these things around like they do when food bowls sit directly on the floor. And, these products are actually better for pets because they promote a more natural eating posture, which helps keep leg muscles and joints in good shape.

Despite all of the benefits associated with elevated dog feeders, I rarely see them available at pet stores in my area. This makes me think that perhaps not enough people are using these products, so I wanted to take this opportunity to help get the word out. Believe me when I say your beloved companions will be better off eating their meals from elevated dog feeders. There really is a noticeable difference!

Anyway, if you’re having trouble finding elevated dog feeders at local pet shops, then I recommend buying them online. Many online retailers stock these wonderful products, and there are a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. You can go with something as simple as a wood base with hard plastic bowls to something as elegant as a wrought iron frame with stainless steel bowls. Some of these products even come with built-in storage units so you can just fill it with food and let your pooch graze until it’s all gone.

I purchased my elevated dog feeder several years ago, and am happy to say that it’s still performing like a champ. I went with a top-of-the-line model, plus I bought stainless steel bowls to go with it. After all this time, there’s very little evidence of wear and tear, so I definitely feel as though I’ve gotten my money’s worth. But then, I decided that I wanted the personal touch and made my own and retired the purchased feeder. See the picture below. All it took was a piece of plywood, a saber saw and some screws. You can design your own using the simple build I did.

elevated dog feeder

Elevated two dog feeder with water bowl

If you’re like me and would do anything for your pets, then you really ought to start using elevated dog feeders instead of regular bowls. I’m sure your dogs will thank you for it!

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