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If you are looking for a new puppy, or perhaps a kitten, you might very easily find what you need at an animal shelter such as SPCA. However, there are some who want to have a pure breed of some sort, and even though you can find them in shelters, many like to go to breeders to find animals for sale. Though most of them are honest, there have been many cases of these animals being sick. They would be taken home by their new owners only to die a few weeks later. By all accounts, those selling these animals knew exactly what was going to happen.

You should know what you are doing before you go to buy any sort of animals for sale. A farmer usually has no problems when going for livestock of any type because they know what to look for, and they know when an animal is not worth buying. The average person looking for a pet, however, really has no idea. There are some animals for sale that might look ill, but they are fine, and there are others that look okay, but they soon die. If you can’t take a veterinarian with you, you must find out what to look for on your own.

You can find great information by reading online. You can find sites devoted to breeds of dogs and cats, and many of them give you tips for choosing the best from a group of animals for sale. You should know what major illnesses might affect that certain breed, and what signs you might look for. No reputable breeder will give you a hard time for checking over their animals for sale before you buy. They may have documentation as well, but you should also know what it means.

If you buy any animals for sale that die straight away, you should consider that you might have been taken. There are some that know what they are doing, and they take the sickly ones and sell them as if they were healthy, and then they pick up and move along before you can come back to complain. You should know that there are great animals for sale at your local shelter. You may find a pure breed there, and you will always be able to trust what they tell you about the health of the animal. You may find that you fall in love time and time again as you walk by all the animals that need you to take them home.

Remember, if you have any questions on whether to adopt or buy or what breed will suit you best, please contact Featherman Kennels and ask. We have seen most everything and can pass along our expertise.

Adopt a Puppy

If Only We All Could Adopt a Puppy

A recent trip to a local animal shelter made me realize just how many dogs there are out there that are in desperate need of a good home. If only we could all adopt a puppy, I think the world would be a much better place, and for more reasons than one.

Seeing so many dogs in those little cages absolutely broke my heart. As I strolled down one hallway in particular, six of the eight dogs were puppies, and I started to wonder how long they would be alive.

As I passed each cage, they would all look up at me and start wagging their tails and whimpering. It was almost as if they sensed their impending fate and were pleading to be rescued. I decided then and there that I was going to help make a difference and adopt a puppy.

Several years ago, I adopted a Scottish Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix and named him Mickey. He was a feisty little guy, but he was also very affectionate and protective. It took me a while to gain his trust, as it sometimes does when you adopt a puppy, but before long we were the best of friends.

I had Mickey for almost 15 years before he passed away, and I was deeply hurt when he died. He enriched my life in so many ways, and his love was unconditional.

That is one of the best things about dogs – they love you no matter what. I got Mickey when I was a teenager, and I learned so many things from having him.

Having a dog taught me a sense of responsibility, because he was completely dependent upon me to provide him with everything.

I also remained very active with him, because he was so full of energy and life. When we would go out into the back yard, we would play for hours sometimes. We bonded on a level that is hard to find anywhere else in life.

When my son wanted to adopt a puppy a few months ago, I was very happy. There was no “let us think about it,” because my wife and I knew all of the wonderful things that come from owning a dog. We told him we could, but we had to go to the dog pound and pick one, not the local pet store.

It was hard for my son to see all the puppies lined up, just as it was for me, and it made me feel good that he had developed such a sense of compassion. While he wanted to adopt them all, he finally chose one, and we took him home. His name is Roscoe.

I think that if anyone wants to adopt a puppy, they should definitely do so. They are great companions, are very protective, and provide you with more joy than you could possibly imagine.