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Veterinary Technician and Kennel Tech Jobs

There are a variety of places that a veterinary technician may find a job. Some of the most popular places include animal hospitals, zoos, research facilities and private practices. Other veterinary technicians may even become teachers themselves to help others get their degrees.Additionally, there are jobs in medical related fields where the technicians can help assist in research projects such as gene therapy. Sometimes, technicians might be required to help assist in difficult tasks such as euthanizing injured, sick or unwanted animals.

Education & Training Requirements for Veterinary Technicians

veterinary technician

veterinary technician

For those that are interested in becoming a veterinary technician, they have the option of choosing to complete a two-year program at an accredited college or a four-year program. The two-year program offers the minimum education requirements for a degree. Along with the education requirements, laboratory and clinical experience is also needed and is a vital part of the training.

There are many accredited programs available to choose from across the United States. Once graduated, a student must take and pass a veterinary credentialing exam to be able to get a job.

Every state has different rules regarding what is needed to be a technician. However, every state does require the credentialing exam once graduated. The exam includes written, oral and practical sections.  When a student passes the exam, they have the option of becoming registered, certified or licensed. This depends on the state in which the candidate resides and decides to work in.

If a graduate decides that they would like to work in a research facility, the graduate must pass the exam and obtain a certificate of completion from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. To obtain this, candidates must have certain education achievements as well as experience in an animal facility’s laboratory.

The learning is not quite over after all of the courses and exams. When a graduate receives a job, there will also be a lot of on-the-job training to complete. Technicians will need to become very familiar with many pieces of laboratory equipment. They will also need to spend much time becoming familiar with their specific job’s facility and office procedures.

How to Get a Job After Graduating

Most veterinary training schools will offer help finding a job to their graduates. Along with that, graduates should take time to apply to many job listings for the best chances at finding work quickly. Applications should be put in at private practices, animal hospitals and research facilities. There are many websites online that can aid a graduate in finding a veterinary technician job in their area. Also, local newspapers are also a great way to find any job openings as well.

Career Advancement Opportunities and Employment Outlook

kennel veterinary technician

Vet techs with lots of experience will generally move on to become supervisors. Other technicians will further their careers and become instructors or assist veterinarians in laboratory research projects such as biomedical research or gene therapy. The employment outlook for veterinary technicians looks bright.

The field is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Pet owners are wanting better care for their animals than ever before and the amount of people with multiple pets is increasing in the United States. As more veterinary technicians retire, those spots will need to be filled.

Working Conditions for Veterinary Technicians

Working as a veterinary techs can be very hard work. Dealing with sick, injured, abused and unwanted animals on a daily basis can be emotionally draining. The job is also very physical and can lead to scratches and bites from animals. Many technicians are required to lift injured animals, help clean cages and help secure hostile or scared animals. The hours for most technicians are long and some can be on-call twenty-four hours a day. Generally, most veterinary technicians work 40 hours each week or more.

Vet and Kennel Food Storage Containers

Veterinarians and boarding kennels recommend that you don’t let your pet food get stale and use pet food storage containers.

If you like to buy your pet food in larger quantities, you may worry about it going stale. Though some of the bags it comes in are made to keep the food fresher for a longer period of time, you may have noticed that your beloved pets start to stick their nose in the air at the food you give them when you get towards the bottom of the bag. This is just one of the reasons why pet food storage containers are a good idea not just for animal hospitals and dog boarding kennels, but also for regular families. There are others as well. Shopping for these should not be too hard, as you can get these just about anywhere and in just about any size.

When you are choosing the pet food storage containers that you want to buy, all you have to do is find something that will hold the size of bag you normally buy in cat or dog food from your veterinarian – or whatever food you get for any other types of pet. You may have to do some simple math, but all containers for either pet food or general use have a capacity listed on them. Make sure you get one just big enough for the size you buy. If you may get bigger bags now that you have containers, make sure you keep that in mind. Buying pet food in bulk saves money as pet resorts and kennels will tell you, so you may want to get more at a time now that you have a way to keep things fresh.

Storing pet food to keep it from going stale is not the only reason why you may want to get appropriately sized pet food storage containers. Some pets are not happy if they are not fed as soon as they think they should be, and they rip the bags. Cats are known for this and dogs will knock them over if they can. They can smell the food, and if you are late from work and they are hungry, they may just help themselves. Good, sturdy plastic containers keep the smell contained, which is important for animal hospitals, kennels and residences. Of course, they may figure it out soon enough, but you can more easily put these up high than you can large bags of pet food.

Yet another reason for these get storage containers for pet food is so that you can take your pets with you when you travel and when you go camping if you don’t let the vet clinic or doggie spa take care of them. Hauling around half opened bags of pet food is never a good idea, as they spill way too easily. If you are camping, pet food storage containers are a must if you are going where bears may be lurking. You know to hide your food so they can’t smell it, but you must do the same with your pet food. The scent of it will attract bears, but these containers mask the scent rather well.

Go to any store, veterinary office, cat and dog boarding facility, or look online for pet food storage containers. Most general department and discount stores will have these, as will many pet stores. They all work the same, though the ones you get from pet stores are made with pets and their owners in mind, and may be built a little differently or have a few extra features you won’t find on generic storage units you find elsewhere. See what you like, and don’t forget the scoop.

No Bark Dog Collar

barking puppy

The below was written to us from a current client. It is just for informations as we neither endorse or disagree completely with the dog owner’s sentiments. If you have a dog that you feel barks to much, this letter will provide you the thoughts of another owner that feels that same about their puppy as you may.

In some ways, I really love my puppy, but in some ways I can’t really stand for. I sort of view my puppy the way I used to see my stuffed animals when I was a kid. She is soft, comforting, and sleeps in my bed with me. Although she is a little bit messier than my toy animals – she licks my face, and is still not completely housebroken; nonetheless, she provides the same feeling of comfort that I used to have with stuffed animals. If she didn’t always make so much noise, she would be the perfect pet. I bought a no bark dog collar for her, but unfortunately it seems to do no good. She is a stubborn animal.

It is one of those humane anti bark collars. It is actually a citronella dog collar. Supposedly, dogs find the smell of citronella confusing and unpleasant enough that it will make them stop barking. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Sadie. When she barks and the no bark dog collar squirts her in the face, she looks confused for a moment. It only lasts a moment, however, and then she starts barking louder than before. Every time the no bark dog collar squirts her, it only gets her more excited. After awhile, we have to actually take off the dog collar. By then, she has been doused in citronella, and the whole house smells of it.

It is getting to be such a problem that we have been researching other kinds of no bark dog collars. None of us really wants to hurt her – and many of them do hurt dogs – so we have stayed away from the less humane kinds up until now. Nonetheless, the barking has gotten out of hand. I have been thinking about and electronic no bark dog collar. Although they give the dogs a shock, they seem more humane to me than the ones that emit a high-pitched beep. These can really hurt a dog’s ear, which is a very cruel thing to do. Personally, I would rather get an electric shock than have a loud bell go off in my ear every time I make a noise. I am sure that my dog feels the same way. Nevertheless, whatever no bark dog collar we get the dog, one thing is for sure: it better work. The neighbors are about at their wits end, and I am getting pretty close myself.

Animals for Sale


If you are looking for a new puppy, or perhaps a kitten, you might very easily find what you need at an animal shelter such as SPCA. However, there are some who want to have a pure breed of some sort, and even though you can find them in shelters, many like to go to breeders to find animals for sale. Though most of them are honest, there have been many cases of these animals being sick. They would be taken home by their new owners only to die a few weeks later. By all accounts, those selling these animals knew exactly what was going to happen.

You should know what you are doing before you go to buy any sort of animals for sale. A farmer usually has no problems when going for livestock of any type because they know what to look for, and they know when an animal is not worth buying. The average person looking for a pet, however, really has no idea. There are some animals for sale that might look ill, but they are fine, and there are others that look okay, but they soon die. If you can’t take a veterinarian with you, you must find out what to look for on your own.

You can find great information by reading online. You can find sites devoted to breeds of dogs and cats, and many of them give you tips for choosing the best from a group of animals for sale. You should know what major illnesses might affect that certain breed, and what signs you might look for. No reputable breeder will give you a hard time for checking over their animals for sale before you buy. They may have documentation as well, but you should also know what it means.

If you buy any animals for sale that die straight away, you should consider that you might have been taken. There are some that know what they are doing, and they take the sickly ones and sell them as if they were healthy, and then they pick up and move along before you can come back to complain. You should know that there are great animals for sale at your local shelter. You may find a pure breed there, and you will always be able to trust what they tell you about the health of the animal. You may find that you fall in love time and time again as you walk by all the animals that need you to take them home.

Remember, if you have any questions on whether to adopt or buy or what breed will suit you best, please contact Featherman Kennels and ask. We have seen most everything and can pass along our expertise.

Elevated Dog Feeder

I always like to predicate my posts by saying: “Ask your veterinarian first.” Your vet clinic should always know best.

I like to think of myself as a conscientious pet owner, which is why I always try to buy only the best products for my two dogs. I don’t mind paying extra money for quality, especially when the health of my pets is at stake. That’s why I buy all-natural premium chow, and that’s why I only use elevated dog feeders at mealtime.

Elevated dog feeders are essentially food and water bowl stands of varying heights that make it easier for your pooch to eat and drink. In addition, there’s usually less mess involved when using elevated dog feeders because pets can’t push these things around like they do when food bowls sit directly on the floor. And, these products are actually better for pets because they promote a more natural eating posture, which helps keep leg muscles and joints in good shape.

Despite all of the benefits associated with elevated dog feeders, I rarely see them available at pet stores in my area. This makes me think that perhaps not enough people are using these products, so I wanted to take this opportunity to help get the word out. Believe me when I say your beloved companions will be better off eating their meals from elevated dog feeders. There really is a noticeable difference!

Anyway, if you’re having trouble finding elevated dog feeders at local pet shops, then I recommend buying them online. Many online retailers stock these wonderful products, and there are a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. You can go with something as simple as a wood base with hard plastic bowls to something as elegant as a wrought iron frame with stainless steel bowls. Some of these products even come with built-in storage units so you can just fill it with food and let your pooch graze until it’s all gone.

I purchased my elevated dog feeder several years ago, and am happy to say that it’s still performing like a champ. I went with a top-of-the-line model, plus I bought stainless steel bowls to go with it. After all this time, there’s very little evidence of wear and tear, so I definitely feel as though I’ve gotten my money’s worth. But then, I decided that I wanted the personal touch and made my own and retired the purchased feeder. See the picture below. All it took was a piece of plywood, a saber saw and some screws. You can design your own using the simple build I did.

elevated dog feeder

Elevated two dog feeder with water bowl

If you’re like me and would do anything for your pets, then you really ought to start using elevated dog feeders instead of regular bowls. I’m sure your dogs will thank you for it!

Here is an article I found:

Mixed Feelings About Dog Clothes

My parents have always been very big on dressing up their Boston Terriers in dog clothes, and I have to admit that on this point, I am hugely conflicted. On one hand, I think they look really cute and it does not seem to bother them one bit that they are wearing them. On the other hand, it is not natural for dogs to wear clothes, and I wonder sometimes, if they could voice their own opinions, what they would have to say on the matter.

It started out with my father buying his dog, Molly, a Boston Terrier, a University of Texas at Austin sweater that she could wear when it was cold outside. He had a whole web site he found that sold dog clothes, and after he bought the sweater, he realized that he would need something for the warmer weather months as well — so he bought a University of Texas t-shirt as well. I thought this was kind of cute, and the dog did not seem to mind it so much, so I did not really say anything about it.

Then, my sister got in on the act, went to the same online store that sold dog clothes and bought our other Boston Terrier, Patsy, a Texas A&M t shirt and sweater. I really just laughed at this because our family is kind of divided in terms of the college sports programs we support, and as I, too, am an A&M fan, I was kind of proud of my sister for what she did. I thought that would be the end of it and we would move on with our lives, but as I would soon find out, it was far from over.

My mother got in on the act, and as she is not a sports fan, she decided she would get dog clothes that she thought were cute, with little flowers on them and amusing slogans. Still, I would usually laugh whenever I saw them, but then it started to get a little old. I also used to feel sorry for the dogs when they would try to pull the clothes on because they did not always seem very happy about it. After all, dogs have their own natural clothes, in the form of fur.

When it reached a point where my mother and sister were buying scarves for the dogs, I realized that it has gone too far. I did not say anything about it, but I was not about to react positively whenever I saw a new “outfit” one of them had purchased for the dogs and I think they got the message … eventually. I guess my thing is, if they could speak for themselves and give their opinion, how many dogs would actually want to wear dog clothes? I don’t know the answer to this question, but it is something to think about.

Pet Insurance for Vacations

Being an animal loving person, I write the following about pet insurance while you are on vacation and the considerations you should give it.

For every dog and cat, it is important that they receive what is known as an annual exam. This exam costs quite a significant amount of money. This is because plenty of resources will be spent during the exam to check your pet for anything that may be out of place within the body. It is during the exam that veterinary doctors will be able to ascertain if there are any tumors or cancerous cells that are present within the body as well as what to do in such a case.

Catching medical complications early will enable your kittens and puppies to enjoy a high quality of life for a long period. When you have feline or canine insurance, you will always be able to attend these annual medical exams for your pets without giving any check or scan amiss, something that may be the difference between life and death for your beloved animal.

While you may be able to anticipate some illnesses in your pets due to congenital deformities or hereditary conditions, it is impossible to anticipate allergies or pet poisonings. When poisoning occurs, your pet will need emergency and high quality treatment that will most likely be effective within the first few hours after the poisoning has occurred. If you are on travel, insurance will make sure this treatment happens without delay. The same conditions apply for severe allergies that may prove to be fatal. Without dog or cat health insurance from reliable companies such occurrences will end up being fatal and you will lose your beloved animals simply because there is no money for treatment.

Before you get the services of an insurance company, you need to check reviews for that company. This way you will know what to expect as well as the quality of services provided by the company once treatment and checkups are needed.

You can compare pet coverage rates online. You can also ask your boarding kennel for their advice. This way you can determine the monthly premiums that you need to pay as well as the reimbursement percentages offered to you. When you do this you will be able to get the insurance package that you can afford to pay comfortably.

Apart from the cost of insurance, comparisons enable you to get information on customer care services provided as well as coverage levels available. If you want animal insurance companies that will help you cover even chronic illnesses for your pets then this information will help you make the right choice. It is important that the knowledge you acquire on insurance of your pets come from unbiased websites that have a good reputation. That way, your decisions will provide the most accurate solutions to your pet problems.

Adopt a Puppy

If Only We All Could Adopt a Puppy

A recent trip to a local animal shelter made me realize just how many dogs there are out there that are in desperate need of a good home. If only we could all adopt a puppy, I think the world would be a much better place, and for more reasons than one.

Seeing so many dogs in those little cages absolutely broke my heart. As I strolled down one hallway in particular, six of the eight dogs were puppies, and I started to wonder how long they would be alive.

As I passed each cage, they would all look up at me and start wagging their tails and whimpering. It was almost as if they sensed their impending fate and were pleading to be rescued. I decided then and there that I was going to help make a difference and adopt a puppy.

Several years ago, I adopted a Scottish Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix and named him Mickey. He was a feisty little guy, but he was also very affectionate and protective. It took me a while to gain his trust, as it sometimes does when you adopt a puppy, but before long we were the best of friends.

I had Mickey for almost 15 years before he passed away, and I was deeply hurt when he died. He enriched my life in so many ways, and his love was unconditional.

That is one of the best things about dogs – they love you no matter what. I got Mickey when I was a teenager, and I learned so many things from having him.

Having a dog taught me a sense of responsibility, because he was completely dependent upon me to provide him with everything.

I also remained very active with him, because he was so full of energy and life. When we would go out into the back yard, we would play for hours sometimes. We bonded on a level that is hard to find anywhere else in life.

When my son wanted to adopt a puppy a few months ago, I was very happy. There was no “let us think about it,” because my wife and I knew all of the wonderful things that come from owning a dog. We told him we could, but we had to go to the dog pound and pick one, not the local pet store.

It was hard for my son to see all the puppies lined up, just as it was for me, and it made me feel good that he had developed such a sense of compassion. While he wanted to adopt them all, he finally chose one, and we took him home. His name is Roscoe.

I think that if anyone wants to adopt a puppy, they should definitely do so. They are great companions, are very protective, and provide you with more joy than you could possibly imagine.

Children Pet Care

kid dog trainingThere are a few things that come hard to come children. While they are fascinated with and love to be around animals, it may take them a while to learn to care for animals. This means they may not understand that they need to be fed or walked as often as they should, or that you can not pull tails and play with them as if they were stuffed animals. Some children learn to be nice and be responsible rather quickly, but most children struggle. There are some things you must be sure of before you give in and get them that pet they have been asking for.

Children often ask if they can have a new kitten, puppy, or hamster before they are ready to care for animals. It can be hard to explain to them why you are saying no. They do not understand what it means to care for an animal twenty four hours a day. There are a few pets that are easier to care for, but chances are good that you are going to end up with the care of the animals on your shoulders no matter what you pick. That is probably the biggest reason why you are saying no when you know they are too young to take care of any animal as they should.

If they will not let up about getting a puppy, but you know they are not able to care for animals the way they should, see if you can borrow one from someone for a few days. Tell your child that they must do everything that pet needs, and they can not ask you to do it for them. Some children will do well and may change your mind, but those are usually the older ones. Even then though, they lose interest after a while and you end up doing all the work. Younger children end up being overwhelmed and you have to take over before the animal starts to suffer. That should show them that they are not ready just yet. They will still protest, but you have made your point.

Children under the age of ten may not care for animals the right way in a whole other way. It may not be about how often they remember to feed, water, or walk them it is more about understanding that they are not play toys and that they can be hurt or even killed if not treated properly. Some animals will attack, and that can always teach a lesson but that is not what you want to happen. If your child does not respond to your lessons about caring for animals, they are going to have to remain separated.

Sometimes, a child that can not care for animals the right way is trying to tell you something. If they hit and tease animals well beyond the age of which they should be understanding, there could be something else wrong. When children worry or have problems they are hiding, they may act out with aggression. Animals are often easy targets when they are doing this. If you think there is a problem, talk with a professional about how your children care for animals and then see what they think. Something may be wrong.

Veterinary Clinic Advice on Dog Lung Cancer

Your veterinary clinic and veterinarian will tell you much the same as below. Cancer in a dog is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. With dog breeders aggressively inbreeding their stocks to maintain desirable qualities like cuteness in their dogs, genetic mutations make serious problems like lung cancer very common in these poor animals. How do you get to lung cancer in a dog? Dogs, as it happens, don’t do so well with cigarette smoke. When someone in the home fills the atmosphere with smoke, exposure to this secondhand smoke can easily set a dog’s lungs down the path to cancer. Dogs with short snouts can be especially susceptible to lung cancer too. With a shorter nasal passage, they don’t stand a chance having the smoke filtered out for them before the air they breathe in reaches their lungs. When your veterinarian advises you about the beginning of lung cancer, a dog can often be none the worse for it  starting out. They are their usual happy selves at first.

You begin to notice that something is amiss when the dog keeps trying to cough but doesn’t seem to do it to expel mucus. And then comes the appetite loss and weight loss. With lung cancer, dogs that are younger don’t stand a chance. Some boarding kennels don’t even like to board dogs that are not in good health. The cancer starts and progresses through the body metastasizing very quickly. In older dogs though it can take a bit of time. Pay close attention if you will, to how your dog is breathing. If the malignant tumor in the lung is large enough, it can narrow the dog’s breathing passages enough to cause breathlessness.

Get your dog in to the vet right away when any of this happens. The veterinarians there are trained to give you the best advice. The veterinarian will give your dog a chest x-ray to check for the size of the tumor in the lung and try out a biopsy. With lung cancer, dogs do get a choice in several kinds of treatment. Ordinarily, the vet will arrange for surgery  – unless it is a cancer that is metastatizing.  In that case, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are your only choices. Struck with lung cancer, dogs usually have up to a year to live. It will help your dog fight the cancer and live well for as long as he’s around if you give him lots of natural remedies. There are homeopathy and herbal treatments available that can help. Some veterinary clinics endorse alternative methods and some don’t. Herbal remedies like Essiac can work wonders for the quality of life your dog has for as long as he lives. You could also consider putting your dog on the Budwig diet to help with his health overall.

The Dog Veterinary and Boarding Kennel Business

If you want to look for a recession-proof business to invest yourself in, you couldn’t do much worse than the pet business. People love their dogs as they do their children; there is practically nothing that’s too out of reach when it comes to their dogs, to most people. Lots of entrepreneurs involved in the dog business have discovered that no matter what they sell to help a dog owner coddle his pet with, it sells. And that really is in the literal sense – no matter how crazy the thing is that you sell, when it comes to the pet market, it really does find its audience.

What you do with your dog when you go on vacation is a problem that vexes millions of devoted pet owners everywhere. And the dog business certainly does try to step in and do what it can with pet motels, and pet sitters. But as entrepreneurs notice, sometimes, pet owners just want to take their pets with them. And when that happens, they have very few choices. They can go use the major airlines, but they won’t allow pets in the passenger cabin. In the cargo hold, pets are known to die of overexposure. And there are lots of kinds of and dogs that airlines just refuse to carry at all. That’s why dog transportation is a great dog business. Pet Airways began operations two years ago out of six major US cities. As you might guess, your pets get to travel in the main cabin, they have their own flight attendant, and are taken very good care of.

There are great dog business opportunities available to you when you try to cater to dog owners who lose their pets. Taxidermists do a roaring business in stuffing pets to look exactly as you would like them. This usually costs at least $500, and you get your pet back looking exactly as he always did when he was alive. Some people would like to cremate their dead dogs or to bury them – but to do this in style. For instance, if you want to get your dog cremated, there’s that whole lot there to do in the actual cremation process. But if you want, there is quite a lot you can do with the ashes. So some dog business entrepreneurs will for instance design custom urns for your pet that look just like him; and you can store those ashes in there. And when it comes to burying your pet like everyone else, you can really go to town with expensive and beautifully-made pet caskets.